Phase I Specification

Version 1.0 - Updated 3/21/2014

Pangaro Global Training (www.pangarotraining.com) is a catalog of training videos that is initially focused on law enforcement professionals. The website is modeled after common video rental services (e.g., Redbox, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes). Visitors to the website can browse video listings a variety of ways, create an account, rent videos, and receive a certificate of completion (as appropriate). In addition, Pangaro Global Training staff can manage the site via Administration Center.

This specfication starts with the public side of the site.

Site Diagram


Videos can be assigned to one or more categories allowing users to quickly search and find videos of interest. Administrators may add / edit / delete any number of categories using the video manager. Categories may include:

  • Drug Investigation
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Forensics
  • Economic Crimes
  • Homicides and Suspicious Deaths
  • Crisis
  • Vice
  • Juvenile


Videos can be organized into topics allowing grouping of videos throughout the website. Some topics will be dynamically generated while others are managed by administrators. Video topics include:

  • New Releases - dynamic based on release date
  • Most Popular - dynamic based on evaluation ranking
  • Coming Soon - managed by administrator
  • Series ( i.e. Road Cop Series) - managed by administrator

Video Catalog

The video catalog can be browsed by the general public, including un-authenticated users, and displays an image and title for each video. Videos can be one of two types:

Video Catalog

Video Details

After clicking a specifc video title, visitors see the video details page that includes:

Professional video listings include the message, "This video can only be rented by verified law enforcement professionals.", and the Rent Video button will only be enabled for users who have the MemberLE status.

Video Chapters: In order to facilitate quizzes and the active learning format, videos are broken into chapters (one video file per chapter). Chapters also allow us to integrate checkpoints and track progress statistics.

Video Details

Play Trailer

The "Play Trailer" button will be available to all users. Clicking it will immediately play a pre-edited clip of the video. Pangaro staff are responsible for creating the trailer video and uploading it using the Video Manager.

Although Professional videos can only be rented by users in the MemberLE role, any visitor will be able to watch a trailer for a Professional video.

Rent Video

The "Rent Video" button will direct users to the login or create an account (as appropriate). / create account page if they are not already authenticated. Users who are already logged in (i.e., "Authenticated users") view the rental screen, which includes disclaimer information, additional details about rental timelines and restrictions, and a "Checkout" button.

The "Checkout" button delivers the payment form. After filling out the appropriate billing information, users click a "Complete Rental" button. Upon acceptance of the payment, users are delivered to the Member Center where they can begin viewing the video.

Members who have previously rented a video will not have to re-enter their credit card number. Exact details of checkout process are dependent on the e-commerce payment gateway selected.

Additional Features

Social Media Sharing

A social media share bar will appear on every videos detail page allowing users to quickly spread the word via the most popular social media sites.

Email List

Users can provide their email address to sign up for a mailing list to receive occasional marketing messages from Pangaro Global Training.

Other pages and features can be seen here: www.pangarotraining.com

Members are broken into two categories:

Law enforcement professionals have access to public videos as soon as they create an account. Upon creating an account they are added to a queue so that Pangaro Training Associates can manually validate the authenticity of the member's law enforcement status. Once verified, the associate will approve the member's account triggering an automatic email to that individual and they can rent Professional videos.

Registration Fields

  • First Name - Text
  • Middle Name - Text
  • Last Name - Text
  • Phone - Text
  • Email Address - Text
  • Password - Text
  • Security Question - Text
  • Profession - Dropdown List
    • Law Enforcement - If selected additional fields are displayed
    • Emergency Personnel
    • Fire Department
    • Etc...

Additional Law Enforcement Fields

  • Badge ID - Text
  • Superior First Name - Text
  • Superior Last Name - Text
  • Superior Work Phone - Text
  • Superior Email Address - Text
  • Superior Title - Text
Create Account Form

The member center is available to user after they log into their account. It allows them to view current and previously rented videos, as well as manage their account.


Contains a list of all videos currently or once available to a member. The list will be sorted by date (most recent at the top) and will display the following information:

  • Thumbnail Image for Video
  • Date Rented
  • Video Title
  • Video Summary Text

Clicking a listing will redirect users to the My Video Details page.

My Video Details Page

Similar to the Video Details page, My Video Details displays all available information about the video including:

  • Video Summary Text
  • Video Title
  • Video Chapters
    • Play Button - Each chapter will include a play button which is only enabled if previous chapters have been completed and the rental period has not expired.
  • Instructor Name(s)
  • Instructor Photo(s)
  • Instructor Bios – A few paragraphs that convey the expertise and qualifications of the instructor(s).
  • Duration of the training video (e.g., 00:50:05, fifty minutes and 5 seconds)
  • Video Categories
  • Training Topics
  • View Video Score Summary
    • Summarizes the scores for each video quiz and the total score. Will be disabled if the video has not been completed.
  • View Certificate of Completion Button
    • Will be disabled if the video has not been completed.
The historical list of videos viewed, including videos for which the rental perioed has expired, allows members toaccess their Certificates of Completion and Score Summary. In addition, if a video is rented more than once, it will be listed multiple times since quizzes and evaluations are unique to a single video rental.

Video Quiz

In order to facilitate quizzes and the active learning format, videos are broken into chapters (one video file per chapter). After viewing a video chapter, users are presented with a quiz containing multiple choice questions written to test the learners grasp of the concepts presented in the chapter.

Quiz Features

  • Multiple choice questions randomly chosen from a pool of questions assigned to this chapter by an administrator (e.g., will present 5 of 8 available questions).
  • Minimum score required to proceed to next chapter (e.g.,100%, 0%)
  • User cannot view subsequent chapters unless he/she received the minimum score or higher. They will see a message that says, "Your score was below the minimum score for this chapter. We recommend you view this chapter again to ensure that the key concepts are clear."
    • After two failed attempts to pass the quiz the user will be given the option to retry or continue to next chapter (or evaluation if this is the final chapter)

Quiz Summary

After completion of a quiz users are presented with one of four predefined messages:

  • Pass Message
    • Retry Button
    • Continue Button
  • 1st Fail Message
    • Retry Button
  • 2nd Fail Message
    • Retry Button
    • Continue Button

Post Video Evaluation

Upon completion of the final chapter quiz, users are presented with a post-video evaluation. The questions will be used for every post-video evaluation to ensure that the data is consistent for analysis. All questions are multiple choice and use standardized evaluation tools. Questions include:

Note: Post Video Evaluation questions must be modified by edgimo.

Certificate of Completion

After successful completion of a video (i.e., user views all chapters, completes all quizzes, and submits the post-video evaluation, users receive a Certificate of Completion in PDF format. Users can generate the PDF at any time by viewing the video on the My Video Details page. The Pangaro branded certificate will be dynamically generated and contain the following information:

Note: Certificate of Completion graphics and data fields must be modified by edgimo.

Video Checkpoints

User progress is automatically saved after reaching one of three checkpoints in a video:

Users must complete chapters and quizzes in order. Users can view previously watched videos and retake previously submitted quizzes. However, once the final quiz has been submitted they can no longer change their answers on previously submitted quizzes and the video is complete.

Account Management

Users can manage their profile information and change their password. A form will allow members to submit support requests or questions to a predefined administrative email address. The receiving administrator will see the message along with the member's account and contact information.

Administrative Roles

Site Manager - can manage all functionality.

Member Associate - can view and accept/reject MemberLE requests.

Website Editor - can manage website content including videos.

Video Editor - can manage videos content.

User Management

A secure backend tool will allow certain administrators to add/edit/delete users. Users will be assigned one or more roles giving them permission to view and/or manage specific functionality. Users with access the Admin Center will be created by a Site Manager and cannot invite themselves into the system. Admin users will have the following fields:

For security reasons, user passwords will be stored using one way encryption. Admins will not be able to view these passwords, however they can generate a new password for any user.

MemberLE Validation

When a user identifies themselves as a law enforcement professional during registration, or after, they are prompted to provide additional information that can be used to validate the position in law enforcement. After the information is submit, the system automatically adds the member to the queue for pending validations and an e-mail is sent Member Associates. After a Member Associate validates the request, they can select one of three choices:

Note: All requests remain in the queue and can be viewed at any time. They are sorted by status, from top to bottom, Pending, In Progress, Rejected, Accepted.

Video Catalog Management

Video Flow

Intro > (Chapter > Quiz > Quiz Summary) > Post Video Evaluation > Overall Summary > Outro > Certificate of Completion

Note: Chapter, Quiz and Quiz Summary are repeated for each chapter.

The video manager contains a list of all videos currently part of the catalog, which includes videos available for rent, and videos not yet available to members. This allows admins to preview a video before making it live. Add, Edit and Delete buttons are included in the video manager.

Video Wizard

Admins add/edit videos using the Video Wizard, which is a 2 step process. The introdoction and outro sequences, evaluations, and Certificates of Completion are dynamically generated and do not need to be added to each video.

Step 1: Add/edit Video Details

  • Video Title - Text
  • Video Summary - Text
  • Video Thumbnail - Upload Image (dimensions to be confirmed)
  • Video Trailer - Upload Video
  • Video Price - Text
  • Video Duration - Text
  • Is Professional - Checkbox
  • Video Categories - Checkbox List
  • Video Topic - Radio List
  • Instructors - Checkbox List
  • IsActive - Checkbox

Step 2: Chapter(s)

  • Chapter Title - Text
  • Duration - Text
  • Minimum Passing Score - Integer (0 - 100)
  • Question Pool - Add Question Button
    • Question Text - Text (Repeat for each question)
      • Answer Text - Text (Repeat for each answer. Minimum 2 and Maximum 5)
      • Is Correct - Checkbox
  • Pass Message - Text
  • 1st Fail Message - Text
  • 2nd Fail Message - Text
  • Upload Video (High Quality) - Uploader
  • Upload Video (Medium Quality) - Uploader
  • Upload Video (Low Quality) - Uploader
Repeat Step 2 for each chapter

Video Encoding

Since there will be a relatively small number of videos added to the website, we recommend manually encoding videos before uploading. If more frequent uploading will occur, we can integrate a service that will automate the encoding process for a monthly fee.

Intro / Outro Videos

Short intro and outro videos are used to "bookend" all training videos. This allows us to easily update an intro / outro without having to re-edit, encode and upload the entire video catalog. This also save disk space on the server.

Note: Intro / outro videos must be uploaded by Edgimo.

Member Services

Promo Codes

Administrators may generate promo codes with the following properties:

Rental Extension

Administrators may manually extend a video rental for a given member on a case base case basis.

Content Management

Add/edit/delete any number of pages. Admins can manage the following:

Page Properties

  • Meta Tags - Keywords and Descriptions. If it is determined that additional meta tags would be beneficial, we can add those during development.
  • Page Title - Appears at the top of the browser window.
  • Friendly URL - used as the page name in the URL.
  • Is Active - If set to false, only authenticated users can view this page.
  • Is in Menu - If set to false, the page can only be accessed via a direct link.
  • Page Type - Pages can be one of the following types:
    • Content - This is a standard page that contains HTML content.
    • Redirect - This page redirects to a specified URL.

Page Content

  • WYSIWYG Editor - The rich text editor allows you to add/edit/delete content as if you were using Microsoft Word. HTML mode allows advanced users to edit the HTML code directly.
  • Image Manager - Allows users to add/rename/delete images on the server. Insert images to a page and adjust its properties, or use the image editor to make simple edits to the image such as: Crop, Resize, Flip, Rotate, and Save As.
  • Document Manager - Allows you to add/rename/delete documents on the server and easily insert links to these documents.

Instructor Management

A form that allows admins to manage a list of instructors to be assigned to videos. Instructor fields include:


Videos Report

A dashboard lists all video titles in a sortable grid that can be exported as raw data to CSV format. The videos report displays the following information:

Video Report

Consists of two distinct reports, both of which can be exported as raw data to CSV format.

Post Video Evaluations

  • Date Added
  • Member Name
  • Member Email
  • Question / Response
    • Repeated for each evaluation question

Quiz Questions

  • Average score for parent quiz
  • Average score for parent video
  • Total times shown
  • Total times correct
  • Total times incorrect

User History Report

The user history report can be exported as raw data to CSV format and displays the following information:

The report will repeat for each video in the user's history.

Instructor Report

A dashboard lists all video titles in a sortable grid, which can be exported as raw data to CSV format. The videos report displays the following information:

Video Player


  • Robust HTML5 custom JWPlayer with Flash fallback
  • Supports desktop, tablet and smart phone
  • Playback controls
    • Play/Pause
    • Seek
    • Volume
    • Full screen
    • Quality (if additional video qualities have been uploaded)


  • Integration with Google Analytics
    • Views
    • Time Watched
    • Completion
  • Autosave progress after each checkpoint.
Video Player

Video Specifications

Videos should be encoded as MP4 using the H264 codec. Although video content ultimately determines what settings should be used, the following are typical compression settings:

System Requirements

Browsers and Operating Systems

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

Server Requirements

  • Windows Server 2012
  • MS SQL 2012
  • ASP.NET Framework 4.5


This is a staging server that is used to testing new functionality before publishing it to the live server. The Sandbox allows us to simulate the live website without having in effect on it. Once testing is complete, files and data from the staging server will be pushed to the live server.


Hosting ultimately depends on monthly budget and expected traffic. Below are a few typical hosting environments and approximate monthly costs:

Hosting account will only be used to house the files used to run the website. We will use a content delivery network (CDN) to house and stream multimedia content as most hosting accounts aren't sufficient for video delivery (see "File Storage, Bandwidth and File Protection).

Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network is needed for file storage, bandwidth and file protection. There are a host of options. One example, is Amazon Web Services (AWS) who offers very competitive pricing for additional file storage (S3), file streaming (CloudFront) and bandwidth. In addition, AWS provides reasonable file protection using "Signed URLs," which can be assigned to a single user and set to automatically expire. AWS has a "Pay for what you use" pricing model. Other video streaming services may offer additional video protection, automated file encoding and support for advertising at a higher monthly rate ($250/month).


An e-commerce provider will be selected depending on specific video rental requirements and monthly processing fees. All e-commerce providers offer seamless integration with the pangarotraining.com website:


Website statistics and video views, time watched, and video completion are tracked using industry standard Google Analytics.


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